U.S. Army Engineer School Commandant’s Reading List

Engineer School CrestOver the summer, I decided to update the existing Engineer History Reading List to broaden its coverage.  Regimental CSM Terrence Murphy, Regimental CWO Scott Owens, and the USAES Command Historian all provided valuable input on what books would be best to develop our Engineer Soldiers and dedicated Civilians, across our Regiment, Field Army, and Corps of Engineers agency together.

 The resulting “Engineer Commandant’s Reading List” augments and does not supplant or duplicate the “Army Chief of Staff’s Reading List” to guide the self-development of Engineer Soldiers and Civilians.  It is my expectation that every unit, directorate, center, district, and division in the Engineer Regiment and USACE embark on a reading program using the books in these two reading lists.  Among the possible means of executing such reading programs are individual studies, group discussions, thematic analyses, or published book reviews. The USAES Command Historian will gladly assist leaders in developing a reading program that best supports their organization.

 In closing, I hope every member of the Army Engineer Profession – Soldier and Civilian – will find reading these books to be as beneficial as I have throughout my career.  Life-long learning is a major goal of today’s Army.  Learning through other’s experience is a very efficient way to achieve wisdom far beyond our experience levels.  It is a truism that “…if you want a new idea, start by reading an old book….”  A directed reading and writing program in our units and sections will help us develop our critical thinking and increase our base of knowledge by learning through others’ experiences. The “Engineer Commandant’s Reading List” can be found at the following publically accessible link: http://www.wood.army.mil/usaes/library/documents/ENGR_CMDT_READING_LIST_2012.pdf


Brigadier General, USA
94th Commandant U.S. Army Engineer School and Regiment

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