Army Career Tracker Website Opens to Branch 12 (Engineer)

Army Career TrackerOn 23 January 2012, the Army Career Tracker website will officially open to all Engineer Officers.  Officers can log into for a “one-stop-shop” of Engineer-related news/information and career planning resources.

The Army Career Tracker (ACT) program, first unveiled to the enlisted force last summer, will provide officers with a personalized look at their training, education, and assignment history side by side with what their branch recommends as important.  Officers can then use this information to develop their personalized career plan.  ACT will offer leaders, raters, and mentors new ways of communicating with their Soldiers and monitoring their careers.  When an officer logs on, he/she will select their rater and any number of mentors of their choosing.  Then raters and other mentors will be able to view an officer’s education, training, and assignment history, as well as their future desires, during mentoring and counseling sessions.  ACT is designed to be accessed with a soldier’s Army Knowledge Online credentials and to seamlessly draw information from eight channels that support personnel, training and military/civilian education programs.

On the “Career Resources” tab, ACT will default to the Engineer Branch’s homepage where relevant and useful news and information will be posted.  On the “Officer” Tab, one will be able to review one’s past assignments, training, and self-development activities alongside what the Engineer Regiment recommends for that officer at his/her current and next higher pay grade.  The recommendations follow from chapter 14 of DA PAM 600-3, Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management.  A useful feature of the website is printable Career Maps.  Most entries are hyperlinked to additional information to help officers make better informed decisions.  All engineer officers are encouraged to explore this new website and provide feedback to Engineer Personnel Development Office,

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