Engineer Commandant Signs New Strategic Officer Accessions Goal

STEMBrigadier General Duke Deluca, the 94th Engineer Regimental Commandant, recently signed a new strategic officer accession goal for the Engineer Regiment.  In an effort to increase technical competencies within the ranks, the new Engineer Regimental goal is to access 70% of the incoming officers who possess degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  Of this 70%, the Regiment seeks 50% who hold an engineering degree with a preference to ABET-accredited engineering programs. 

Current and past operational deployments (OEF/OIF/OND) have mandated an increasing importance on both stability and civil support operations (Hurricane Katrina Response).  These types of operations place a premium on engineer leaders with the right base of knowledge, skills, and attributes.  Additionally at the captain and major ranks, select engineers are assigned to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) where they oversee civilian and military construction projects.  These positions often require officers with an advanced technical engineering degree and/or a professional engineer license; both of which can only be obtained by individuals that possess an engineering undergraduate degree.  The latest statistics on active duty engineer officers from Human Resources Command show that currently 48.5% of the engineer officer population possesses a STEM degree.

The Engineer Regiment is a technical sub-profession within the overall Profession of Arms.  The Regiment provides critical support to the defense of the Nation at home and abroad, in war and peace.  During this time of protracted conflict, it is imperative that the Engineer Regiment have technically competent engineer leaders and the primary means of achieving this is to access degreed engineers.  Now is the time to shape our officer accessions to ensure the most appropriate educational foundation possible.


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