Changes Coming to the Engineer Officer Career Field

Gold Engineer CastleRecently, HQDA G1 approved an initiative by the U.S. Army Engineer School and Regimental HQs to merge the three current engineer officer areas of concentration (AOCs) into one (12A Engineer, General) and the creation of eight Skill Identifiers:

S4-Sapper Leader
W1-Facilities Planner
W2-Geospatial Engineer Officer
W3-Professional Engineer
W4-Degreed Engineer
W5-Project Management Professional
W6-Project Engineer
W7-Environmental Officer

On 25 October 2011, HQDA G1 published ALARACT 391-2011 outlining the way ahead.  All in all, about 30% of the officer positions on our MTOEs/TDAs will be coded with one of the above Skill Identifiers. The creation of these skill identifiers will better enable HRC and the Engineer Regiment to get the right officer with the right credentials to the right assignment. The implementation timeline is shown below:

1 NOV 11: Effective date for establishment of SI S4 (Sapper Leader).
1 APR 13: Effective date for establishment of SIs W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, and W7 (all others).
1 OCT 13: Effective date for the deletion of AOC 12B and 12D.                                              �
NLT 1 OCT 13: Effective date for all TOEs/MTOEs/TDAs to be updated (FY14).

The Engineer Personnel Development Office (EPDO) has put together a paper to better explain the upcoming changes with the Engineer Officer Career Field. Those with AKO accounts can download the document at the following link:

If you have further questions, you may email the EPDO at

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