November’s Engineer Moment in History

ALCAN Highway completed in November 1942

ALCAN HighwayIn February 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the construction of the Alaska Canadian Military Highway.   Work began the next month under direction of Brigadier General William H. Hoge.  The project was completed in November 1942 by more than 10,500 Engineers from  the 18th and 35th Engineer Combat Regiments, the 341st and 342nd Engineer General Service Regiments, and  African Americans in the 93rd, 95th, and 97th Engineer General Service Regiments (Colored).   Working round the clock, these Engineers bridged countless rivers and streams, and they constructed the road through rugged wilderness using everything from axes and saws to CAT D-7s and D-8s.  The ALCAN Highway became a major supply route linking Dawson’s Creek in British Columbia to Delta Junction near Fairbanks, Alaska.  It ran some 1,500 miles and transported equipment to American troops stationed in the Alaska.  Supplies were also sent from Alaskan ports to Soviet forces fighting the Germans. The ALCAN Highway ranked among the greatest engineering feats in the 20th century.

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