Army Engineer Magazine

Engineer MagazineThe September – October 2010 issue of Army Engineer Magazine is available.

“This issue’s cover feature is a uniquely well written and comprehensive summary of efforts associated with the ongoing drawdown of forces in Iraq. Written by an Air Force colonel at the center of the operation, it will serve as an important after-action review for others to benefit from┬álater on.

Other articles include an interesting review of how the Army provided replacements during the war in Vietnam, as seen by an engineer battalion commander at the time; the story of how an Army engineer senior civilian helped develop the iconic Cold War fallout shelter sign; case studies in geophysical engineering; and several first-hand articles about route clearance in Afghanistan written by soldiers so engaged.

As always, there is much more to read about activities within the Engineer Regiment today, many written by those on the front lines. If you are not already a subscriber, click here to learn how you can be.”

Select articles are made available for public download here. No other electronic reproductions of magazine articles are available.

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